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Laney Houser, MAPL, MACP is the founder and CEO of The Laney Houser Company and the creator of Thrive Leadership Circle. She is a leading advocate for women rising into their personal leadership, creating wealth and making an impact. 

A personal growth and development powerhouse Laney helps ambitious women to take charge of their lives and thrive. Laney built a 7 figure business using hustle and grind but burnt out so bad she ended up in treatment for depression and on food stamps. She rose again after a few years of recovery and this time she used the principles of JoyflowTM she developed and teaches her clients. She went on to build a multi six figure business helping other women create multi six figure businesses with zero stress and created a life of adventure, travel and fun.

As a former counselor and pastor she combines her fierce love for women, her understanding of psychology, her God given gifts and advanced business strategy to co-create life changing transformation and financial success for her clients.

She traded her stress and overwhelm for quadrupling her fees and she’s never been happier or more excited to live life.

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